Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bed Time Routine?

Yes, I suppose it is part of the routine ... not MY routine ... the princess made this one up all on her own!
We try to start around 7 ... you'll understand why!
Storytime is first on the agenda, but I have had to limit it to one, maybe 2 stories because once I've read, Cadence then gets a turn and trust me ... she drags it out! Then it's hugs and kisses and lights out. Within less than a minute, she's "very thirsty" and "needs a little drink of water". Soon she's out again, this time "needing" some cream somewhere for her excema. Then I'm asked to remove an article from the room that "makes her a little bit frightened". After several of these indulgences, they are ready for a group photo ... in the hallway of course:

Two nights ago, I tried the "Santa's watching you" line, but Cadence clearly shared that he can't see her! Honestly!
Despite all of this, Cadence is usually down somewhere around 7:30 ... although these last couple of nights have set us back to about 8:30. We have to get tough ... we know ... we're thinking about it!

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~K said...

You've got one very smart little girl on your hands!!! She is too funny!

Have you ever heard of the "elf on the shelf" we sell them (sell out of them actually!) in the little store I work in... google it. It may just be the "proof" Miss C needs to believe that Santa is indeed watching!!