Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Multi-tasking Gone Bad

As I have shared previously, I am notorious for my lists ...
I have had a few items on my 'list' for quite some time ... years actually! And of course, as we prepare to host a Christmas party, I decide it is time to tackle some of those items once and for all!!! This has meant daily lists, running around, accounting for every last minute ... and still trying to manage the general day to day stuff. We are, I am happy to say, almost there ... almost!
But in the process there have been just a couple of 'issues' ... nothing major, but noteworthy nonetheless.
Case in point, two days ago I was leaving the school and having a lovely chat with a colleague on the way out, when I realized I had forgotten something ... Cadence! It likely wouldn't have been much of a catastrophe given that we live approximately 400 metres from the school ... but still! And today I spent time, time I didn't have, scouring every spot I've been, looking for a handful of Christmas cards I was planning to hand deliver. I've come up with the only possible theory ... they got mailed, without stamps or addresses (and in some cases, without last names) with the pile to be mailed! I know these are not earthshattering events in the least, but they do remind me that I need to RELAX a little, slow down and focus on one task at a time. Maybe I should be giving up my girls' night? ... Nah, I don't think so!

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