Sunday, December 13, 2009

What a Weekend!

We ALL had a very busy, festive weekend!
Sean and I were hosting his staff for their Christmas party and Cadence was taking a maiden voyage ... a sleepover at Auntie Marnie's!
Her bag was packed with all of the necessary unmentionables as well as, 3 stuffies, peacock, her 'makeup' (Lypsol), a fake tea light candle and some princess chocolates for her cousins. She was really excited:

I didn't anticipate any problems until she asked, 15 minutes prior to departure, "Where's your suitcase mommy?". I gave a truthful answer and she seemed okay with that.
Once she was on her way, I took care of those last minute preparations:

The party was a success, despite the small fire that was ignited in the great room ... it was quickly extinguished and no one got hurt!
Cadence's sleepover was reportedly VERY successful too ... phew! I hope her aunt and uncle weren't embellishing anything. I'm thinking they likely weren't ... a favourable report will undoubtedly mean MORE sleepovers!!!!

There were some exciting envelopes that came in the mail for us this weekend. A birthday card and cash:

A big thank you ... you know who you are!!! I also got my Christmas cards back ... the ones from my previous post! New mystery for the end of today's though ...

AND on Saturday, we had another staff party to attend. Not only did we get C's favourite babysitter ... Madison even took Cadence to the theatre to see a little play. And Madison's mommy was our designated driver for the night. Madison and M, you girls ROCK!!!

Today, we pulled out the Gingerbread House kit and got down to it! Cadence had a ball and took this picture herself:

The only downer of the weekend ... I went to gather my 'returns' and realized that half the stuff on one of my receipts was nowhere to be found! I know the bag made it into my friend's vehicle, but from there ... it is truly a mystery! I am ticked. I had GREAT stuffers, and a couple of gifts that made me, officially finished. Guess I'm not ... and guess I'm out about 70 some odd dollars according to my calculations. CRAP!

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Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Great photos..
You house is BEAUTIFUL..
Sounds like a great weekend..
Have a great week..