Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Practise Run ...

More like a wardrobe practise! I had Cadence try on a couple of dresses for her 3 year/Christmas photo shoot:

I think she got the hang of it:

Dang she sure is adorable:

I'll be going through the REAL photos tomorrow and perhaps giving you a sneak preview.
Just for the record, neither of these dresses made the cut!

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Jan said...

Oh the anticipation!!! If none of these dresses made the cut - well then - wow, wow, wow, I can hardly wait to see the final product!!! Gonna watch out for THE NEXT RUNWAY MODEL!!!! Look out world, here comes Miss Cadence!!!

BTW, We certainly don't envy you the snow!!!!! Although we're having some cool temps (in the next couple of days it will be 65 degree F), we are not looking forward to snow!!! With that said, we do hope that this year Jillian will love the snow. Last year was a bust!!