Monday, December 21, 2009

Hectic Times ...

Things have been busy and I have been trying to find a few moments to update ... it's been hard!


We had our second significant snowfall last week and Cadence took it all in stride!

Making a snow angel:

Helping dad clear the driveway:

Ain't she proud!:

"If all the snowflakes were gumdrops and lollipops ...":


Cadence was able to attend both events at our schools ... A charity event at mine and an Advent evening at Sean's. She is all about dressing for the occasions ... too bad mom is so scattered these days that the camera is not making the events!
We've also had our annual dinner and Christmas gift exchange with the GBs and attended the second annual open house with the GF's. It's go, go, go .... Yes, it's beginning to look and feel a LOT like Christmas! Tomorrow we are finally getting out to see the man in red himself ... not sure how that will go!


Cadence is completely independent on the computer. I can actually set her up on her 'site' while it's loading and let her go. This will often give me time to apply makeup, dry and straighten my hair AND get dressed. Yesterday, she came to me in the middle of my 'grooming' routine to tell me she did a calendar and to 'come and see'. She showed me her printed version ... yeah, the kid knows how to print now ... we are doomed ... do you know how $$$$$ the ink is???


I have been washing a lot of bedding this week. Cadence has had her cough ... repeat from last year ... that has ended up in puking. I washed her bedding one night and then had to shut down 'Wine Club' early 2 nights later for more 'special stuff' ... a shower down and bedding change. Last night we were up trying to calm her cough and keep her upright. The usual remedies (humidifier, expectorant) weren't working so we sucked it up this evening, put the To Do list on hold and headed to the clinic. The good news was her chest was clear, the bad news ... sinus stuff and nasal drip. We've started a regime of nasal spray and antibiotics and hope we'll all be able to sleep better in the next couple of days before we head out for the holidays. As for right now, I'm heading out to the hottub ...

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