Monday, January 4, 2010

Boxing Day

If you had any interest in navigating back to last December (and December 2007), which I highly doubt, you would essentially find the same 'posts' and pics (except of course we were all a year younger!). On this particular day, my mother and I typically spend the day in pjs ... BUT ... make no mistake ... we are NOT lounging ... we are simply choosing not to ruin any meaningful articles of clothing, because what we are doing is cooking and cleaning ... pretty much ALL day! It is OUR turn.
Of course, these days we do have to take breaks to help out with crafts:

And find other ways to keep a certain someone entertained and out of mischief:

It's not easy, but we manage! And this year we didn't have a moment to spare ... there was still lipstick and final touches to apply as the first guests arrived ... right on time!
This is an evening of ... you guessed it ... drinks, food, family and for everyone's added pleasure ... games. We are talking SERIOUS players here:

And for the young ones ... crafts, videos and healthy snacks! Yes that is fruit and cheese on their plates ... I am definitely getting the hang of this role:

That takes care of what we have come to know as the three days of Christmas ... but that doesn't mean the fun is over yet!

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