Sunday, January 31, 2010

Getting Ready to Update ...

I am moving on to plan B which means I will be taking my computer in to let someone else 'preserve' my photos and video clips this week. The good news is, everything IS on my hard drive from the previous years. Between my external and internal hard drives I have 883 video clips and over 10,000 photos ... I just can't manage that on my own! I really need to make sure that Cadence will be able to go back and 'view' her life. I have a box of old home movies down in the basement and although I haven't watched them in ages, it gives me peace knowing I can 'go back in time'. I suppose one of these days, I'll consider having them put on DVDs.
In the meantime, you can come back tomorrow and throughout the week to see what January was like: dress up, boom boom clap, interviews, stage shows, you tube, story time and maybe even mommy's night away to name a few!

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