Wednesday, January 6, 2010

'KIDS' Night Out!

As we 'kids' grew up and matured over the years we began to branch out on our own after the family festivities. We started out with tobaganning (there may have been a flask or two involved), but after 'taking out' a small child and a couple of serious tail bone injuries we switched to bowling. Nowadays we simply head out across the river to enjoy some quality time together. This year we had a pretty good turnout:

Okay, it might not be about the quality of time alone ... we do enjoy a few beer barrels ... what can I say ... it's become a tradition:

This year, Kenny tagged along:

I wonder if he'll be best man at the upcoming nuptuals for this happy couple?:

Congratulations Denise and Jon!!!! Welcome to our family!

"Hey you guys ... is that ANOTHER round you're having?":


It was really nice to have some free babysitting, I mean, for my mom to want to spend ALONE time with her grandchildren! Along with this night out, Sean and I enjoyed two shows and dinner out ... THANK YOU BABA!!!
Cadence, well ... she enjoyed wearing Baba out and playing, drawing, dancing, crafting etc. with her cousins ... something for everyone this holiday season!

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