Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This 'n That ...

Blog Neglect

What can I say? I have been needing to do a few things with my computer regarding it's RAM and transfering photos, but I haven't gotten around to it. And I haven't wanted to add anything to my hard drive until I do that. AND so ... I've avoided even taken pictures until the former tasks are accomplished. I'll get back to it ... be patient!

Foggy Forest

Before, during, and even after the holidays, Cadence watched The Grinch a number of times. Even though I'm not sure what those Whos are singing while they hold hands in their big circle, I'm confident it is not "Foggy forest, foggy forest". What I am sure of ... I never get tired of hearing Cadence sing that!

Fair Play

My dear, sweet daughter received a number of games for Christmas. It was not because she asked Santa for them ... her parents recognized and were concerned about her inability to lose at pretty much anything ... we thought the games could provide family time AND function as a teaching tool. It is a slow process I'm afraid. We were a little surprised to be called "cheaters" and told we didn't "play fair" by our 3 year old. Obviously there is still work to be done!


We have been trying to figure out what to do about Cadence's excema. Back in Oct./Nov. I asked for a dermatologist referral ... the appointment is finally coming up next month. Since my initial concern however, the excema has actually gotten worse. As much as I hated to do it, I did use some cortisone cream which has helped the itching and has made some recent improvements, but I'm feeling quite stressed about it. We have now changed over our detergent and are prepared to do WHATEVER it takes ... if we are told to get a humidifier for the furnace ... we will ... if we're told to get a water softener ... we'll do that too! We're are trying to get her to drink more water and we are doing more showers as opposed to baths ... she'd stay in the bath forever! Unfortunately, we have to participate in her showers which brings me to the next topic ... for women only!

What Are Those Things?

Cadence and I were taking a shower earlier this week ... we often do. This week the conversation went as follows:

Cadence: Mom what are those things?
Mom: What things?
Cadence: Those big things.
Mom: Breasts.
Cadence: Breasts?
Mom: Yes
Cadence: What are those brown circles?

I answered her question quickly and accurately and told her to get in the shower. I wonder how Sean will handle his questions ... ya know she'll ask!


Anonymous said...

Someone recently told me that their asian daughter has a milk allergy which causes her exczema! I thought I should just let you know because maybe, just maybe it is the milk....that is if she drinks milk???

Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

Vaseline. Before bed, slather it on. Lucy had SEVERE excema. Her face, she looked like a burn victim. Not exaggerating. I put vaseline on her cheeks every day in the winter before sending her out. But for treating excema...once it's under control, Vaseline is the best and ONLY thing. Try it for 3 nights. Seriously. No dryer sheets ( we bought those natura ones from home hardware) and only "free" detergent. That's what we did. Good luck.

Seriously. Vaseline. I know it's greasy but it works and she'll be soft as butter in the a.m. I promise!!!!!