Thursday, January 21, 2010

Still haven't 'solved' my computer issues, but I'm not letting it hold me back ... just yet! I may have to go to plan B though.

In any event, Cadence continues to keep us laughing ... daily. Yesterday, she was playing 'dance teacher' and oh how I wished she wouldn't have quit the SECOND I pulled out the camera. I could hear her from the other room tell her students, "Put your listening ears on!". She was instructing whoever, to "put their arms this way, then go that way and you need to put your leg here" ... she is a hoot to listen to. It really is hard to keep track of all the funny things she says ... Cadence pretty much doesn't stop talking! I absolutely love that about her.
Tonight after fighting to get her to sleep, I went in for my final check ... this is what I found:

Seconds after the photo, I delivered polar bear.

Cadence's runny nose and post nasal drip have returned. Funny how an hour after falling asleep she is awakened by her cough and yet, after being put down in our bed, no cough and no awakenings .... hmmmmm .... could she really be that smart?!

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