Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Holidays: Part 1

Our holidays started off on highs and lows. I had 'wine club' here to kick start Christmas, but it was cut short when my girl got sick ... we thought it was from coughing. We then enjoyed a lovely evening with our friends and godchildren: dinner, gift exchanges, drinks, but that got cut short on account of Sean getting sick! The next night Cadence and I enjoyed some Christmas cheer at a friend's open house. There was little sleep for me over those few days ... Cadence could not shake that cough at night and she was still 'bringing up' stuff, so ... on Monday we set out for the clinic ... better that than sitting at Emerg in my home town. That turned out to be a good decision ... antibiotics and a nose spray were prescribed. On Tuesday we headed to the mall for the morning to finally meet and greet the big guy in red:

This Santa was awesome! Cadence braved the line but continued to inform us that she was going to only stand beside him. That was fine for us ... progress really, but that wonderful Santa just picked her up and plopped her on his knee! I could tell she wasn't overly thrilled but she held out to give us this nice little picture. I imagine now that she has grasped the concept that Santa DOES in fact bring those presents on Christmas Day will having her leaping into his lap next year.
Following our photo session, we headed to the dollar store to let Cadence do her own shopping ... she made some great choices for everyone on her list. AND then ... it was my turn ... I thought I was sweating from the long coat and toque I'd been wearing all day ... wrong! I ended up sick next and in bed for the next 24 hours. This put my packing on hold. Luckily I was mobile enough the next day to throw things in the suitcases and head out on the road. We had great travelling weather, enjoyed a lovely visit with 'Didi' and made it 'home' for Christmas Eve!

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Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sorry to hear you guys were all sick..
Love the photo..
can't wait to see more photos..
Happy New Year..