Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve tradition involves and continues with my own childhood one ... opening ONE present ... new Christmas PJs to wear:

Not sure where my head was at this Christmas ... I have NO photos of the PJs themselves, nor of us all dressed up in our holiday best, nor of all the family festivities at Auntie Jen and Uncle Ed's place. I'm hoping to 'borrow' some pics from Denise's Facebook posts. In the absence of photos, I will just share that our whole extended family gathered to enjoy food, drink and exchange some fun gifts as we do every year. It was a great start to MANY more family activities ....

Once home we hung the key for Santa:

Put out some cookies and CHOCOLATE milk, apparently Santa prefers chocolate:

And then crawled into the princess bed at Baba's:

As you can see we had one tired little lady on our hands. She took all of three minutes to drift off to sleep ... it was WELL after midnight after all!