Sunday, August 16, 2009

All In Good Time ...

In three days, Cadence went from not being able to get her face wet (not even in the bath) to this:

How exciting is that?!

Seriously, during our 3 sets of swimming lessons, not once was I able to submerge her ... she didn't want me to and I didn't have the guts! I watched another mom force her kid's head under a few times and it was clear that she did NOT enjoy it; quite frankly I think it terrified her and I just could not do that. It disappointed me ... with having our own pool, I really wanted Cadence to have the comfort and confidence ... but it wasn't to be. BUT, 3 days ago, on a whim, I got Cadence to close her eyes and mouth and just dip her face in ... she did it ... a number of times, and was quite proud of herself. The next day SHE decided she wanted to jump in and go "all under". I held her hands and let her jump ... again, she did this over and over. We were all excited! THEN we went to the birthday party and Cadence wanted to do EXACTLY what GWEN was doing, including wearing only one water wing, or no water wings at all ... we didn't even give that a chance! But when she went to jump in she told me, "I'm going to do it by myself. Don't you catch me. Move." The rest is history .... all in good time!

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Jan said...

Miss Cadence should be quite proud of herself!! Good job Cadence!!