Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer Vocabulary

One of Cadence's strengths, aside from her strong sense of independence, seems to be her vocabulary. I don't really have anything to compare it to ... I'm just going on gut. Some of this summer's BIG words so far:

  • frustrated (as in she is frustrated when something doesn't work or she can't do something)
  • humungous (as in the rhinocerous crossing the road)
  • properly (as in, "Mom, you didn't pack the suitcase properly.")
  • appropriate (as in, "spitting's not appropriate, right mom?" ... "Right kid!")
  • responsibility (as in, "Brushing my teeth is my responsibility, right mom?" ... "Right, as long as I get the final polish."
  • regular (as in, it's a regular night-books before bed, as opposed to a special night, where she gets to watch a DVD!)
Those are what I can remember at this moment ... which at this point, is quite impressive in itself!

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