Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just 'cause ...

I kinda like this picture:

And 'cause I liked it so much, I played around a bit:

Besides enjoying my new toy yesterday, we also did a little shopping ... for paint, mostly. But we did make a couple of quick stops (Old Navy, Bonnie Toggs) to check out the sales. Cadence, however had no interest in shopping for clothes: "I don't need to buy clothes. I already have too many clothes." Right you are!
It wasn't long before she had a new attitude ... she discovered change rooms and announced that she wanted to "try her clothes on in there". I gave her the dress and let her loose! When we opened the door and asked her if she liked it, her response was, "YEAH, I love it!" I only wish I could've captured the intonation ... priceless! The dress, however was not ... but it ended up in the bag anyhow!