Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beyond Her Years?

There are times I believe Cadence is beyond her years ... a mere genius ... but doesn't every parent think that of their child?!!!
She is often able to verbally rationalize and negotiate with us ... sometimes we are stunned. I wish I could have run to the computer and recorded some of these conversations ... sadly by morning the words are forgotten.
I do remember last evening's bedtime 'negotiations' ... these are becoming an expected part of the routine.

Cadence: Mom, I want daddy to come and keep me company. (I've already done stories and am laying with her, 'keeping her company'.)
Me: Daddy's doing some work. It's mommy's turn tonight. Tomorrow will be daddy's turn.
She lays her head back down for approximately a minute and a half.
Cadence: Mom, I need to give daddy a goodnight hug and kiss.
Me: Hurry up ... you have one minute.
Cadence: (from the next room) I came to give you a goodnight kiss. Can you keep me company?

WHAT????? She's crafty!

I also darn near fell off my chair the other day, when Cadence came close to another 'meltdown' situation. She became quite upset:

Cadence: Mom, I have hair on my arms!
Me: That's okay, Moms have hair on their arms too.
Cadence: (She's looking at Sean's arms.) No ... BOYS have hair on their arms!

As I said ... beyond her years?

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