Sunday, August 30, 2009

Clinic and Car Trouble

Cadence woke up with a rash on her sides and a bit on her arms ... given that I'm about to go back to work, it was off to the clinic! Once there, she was scratching like crazy through her clothes. After an unnecessarily long wait we were given a Rx for some cream and the recommendation to give her some Benedryl. Once she wakes up ... we will follow those directions and see if it provides any relief!?

In the meantime, I had called home to ask Sean to bring a change of clothes (I wondered if this dress Cadence was wearing, that I hadn't prewashed was having some impact) and a snack. Ten minutes later he called to say my car wouldn't start ... GREAT!!! I had it detailed for over three hours yesterday ... they broke my CD holder and now ....???? I'm not in a very good mood right now!

On a positive note, I got some long awaited painting done, which I feel good about, but still ...

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ChaoticKylee said...

The rash is a virus going around right now. From about mid-July to mid-August EVERYONE under the age of 5 got it at Sandy's! All that was perscribed was Benadryl. It was a quiet month around here, that's all I have to say.... ;) I hope Cadence feels better soon! :)