Thursday, August 13, 2009

Weekly Round-up

Auntie Didi came to visit for a few more days and as luck would have it, we did not escape the rain!
It began as a light shower just as Cadence had laid her weary self upon the mat and drifted off to sleep.
We took a moment to GENTLY shift her under the canopy:

Unfortunately that only bought us a bit of time ... as the rain increased we pulled Cadence further under:

Despite our attempts, she was not keeping dry (goodness knows how she managed to sleep through it all!). As the rain hit the deck it splashed up and right into her little angelic face so ... there was only one other spot left to try:

I suppose we could have gone indoors ... but ... this is the summer of rain and we are embracing it!!!!

When Cadence asked if she could play my guitar, I was expecting some music, she had other ideas:

Despite the fact that we are well into August ... summer has finally arrived and it is cause for celebration ... don't you think?!

While mom and the girls enjoyed a poolside lunch, daddy took Cadence to splash around in the fountains and to have ice-cream ... chocolate no less! He sure knows how to spoil his girls!
Afterward, Cadence was taking a few moments to 'just relax' as she puts it on the lounge chair. Her 'brother' wanted to snuggle up, but she was having none of that and so began a few 'episodes'. The first was quite low key. Cadence pushed Winston off the chair causing him to squeal (he does have a bad hip). Daddy told her she needed to apologize, but she refused: "I don't!" He repeated his request and was told, "He doesn't even talk!" I don't even know what to say ........

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