Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Company and Casualties

Cadence's latest request with respect to going to bed is having 'company'. This is usually daddy ... THANK YOU!!!!
Here's last evening's conversation ...

Cadence: Mom, who's going to keep me company tonight?
Me: Your puppy.
Cadence: No mom, I want a REAL person!

She certainly knows what she wants!

As far as casualties ...
This morning I found a dead bird out back ... I'm not good with that stuff. Again I say, "Thank you Sean!".
Then while I was in the pool with Cadence I noticed 'something' going round and round in the skimmer and for some reason I was pretty sure it wasn't a leaf. I was right ... it was mouse number 4!

AND then there was the near miss! Well, perhaps that's a bit dramatic. You be the judge!
Cadence was having a ball in the pool until ... she had to go pee! In we went, did the job and then headed back out. Sean was sitting on the deck and I was following Cadence, except she was running and I wasn't. Just as I hit the patio door I saw her ... ready to jump ... without her water wings! Unfortunately my shriek, I mean warning was a little too late and I ended up jumping in after her. Man did she scare herself silly! I was afraid we'd never get her back in the pool, but after dinner she was back to her old tricks.  It is certainly a warning to us all ... for Cadence, that she MUST, absolutely MUST not forget her water wings and to us, that we need to continue to be diligent with our supervision regardless of her skills and/or confidence.

Well ... I'm off to a conference for the next 3 days so ... there won't be much to see here ... do tune back in on the weekend!

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Jan said...

My oh my!! You've had a fair bit of excitement, as well as, a heart in your throat scare!! Good thing you have a conference to go to - so that you can recover from this post!!