Saturday, August 8, 2009


That's the number of years Sean and I have been married as of today!
I think we are very lucky to continue to enjoy life together ... we are more fortunate in that we don't even seem to have to work very hard at it either. I suppose there were some difficult and trying times as we struggled to have children, but now that we have Cadence ... those days are forgotten!

A big change in this year ... our boy Winston, who was a wedding gift, and who, thankfully, is still part of our family has slept in our bed for almost the entire 12 years. It amazes and delights us that after this long he now chooses to sleep with his 'sister' each and every night. It is an incredible bond! 


Anonymous said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! Here's to many, many more.

Jan said...

Here's wishing you a Happy Anniversary with a Champagne Toast!!!