Friday, August 7, 2009

Dentist Visit

Cadence had her 1st dentist visit in over a year yesterday! 3 weeks ago when I 'mentioned' it to her she was clear, "I'm not going!". She continued to vocalize her disinterest and so, I brought daddy along for back-up!
Well, I always say, "Hope for the best but prepare for the worst!". I'm thrilled and proud to report, Cadence was terrific! She did EVERYTHING the hygeinist and dentist asked her. Now she has a clean set of pearly whites! I still can't believe they let them clean and floss her teeth.

A couple of concerns were mentioned:
1) The hygeinist indicated her teeth are fairly tight ... not much room for the adult teeth.
2) She also instructed us not to use flouride yet ...
The dentist then said,
1) She's got good spacing.
2) We can start to use a smear of paste with flouride.

SO ... who do we believe and what do we do?????


Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

Flouride! Can't hurt. As long as you use a small amount and she doesn't swallow it's all good. Lisa's been using Lucy's toothpaste for a while now....Anything Lucy can do Lisa can do better! LOL!! I think that's what goes through Lisa's mind!

Anonymous said...

What I've been told is that it's not the flouride that's the concern, it's the swallowing of the fouride. When kids ingest fouride, it affects the development of the adult teeth (can cause white or brown spots to form on the adult teeth). So, as long as she isn't swallowing it, you're good.