Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Crafts 'n Such

This is one of Cadence's crafts:

She calls it 'BEACH'!

This is MY craft for the week:

I call it getting even more organized! This is a clear over the door shoe holder that I have 'transformed' into a coloured coded hair accessory organizer. Hey ... it works! Credit goes to Salsa Momma.

In keeping with my organizing frenzy for the week, I began sorting through Cadence's 'stash' of clothing. Low and behold, I discovered I had a whole box of size three summer stuff that I had forgotten about, complete with a set of matching barrettes for the dress she wore today! Sure hope she has another opportunity to wear it again ... with the matching accessories of course! And I'm hoping she will still get into some of these size 3 articles ... they are all brand new with tags! Not so organized after all am I? Well, I'm on that ... I've got a list that breaks it all down: 3 pants, 7 shorts, 9 t-shirts, 4 skirts, 12 tanks/tops, 4 dresses, 5 bathing suits, 2 cover ups, 4 PJs. I'd say she's basically all set for next season (or March Break, if we're lucky!). Once the weather really cools down, I'll get the fall stuff going...
Right now ... BB11 Finale ... I know ... pathetic!

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Jan said...

Miss Cadence is a most talented, creative young lady!! And is Mommy too!!