Monday, September 7, 2009

Summer in Review

I think Cadence can sum up summer in this last photo:

Let's see, how can I sum up the summer:

  • I did not need to buy sun screen from Costco this year.
  • What we saved on central air, went right to the pool heater.
  • We had a lot of visitors ... and we like that!
  • There was time for everything, even me!
  • Skipping naps does NOT mean Cadence will go to bed easier or earlier.
  • Playing golf more, does not necessarily improve your 'game'.
  • The fake hornets nest guarantee is a crock!
  • Cadence is full of energy ... almost all of the time.
  • The zoo pass was a GREAT investment.
  • Weather does not dictate the type of summer you will have.
  • I am thankful that I chose my profession well ... the holidays are a main fringe benefit.
  • I am more thankful that I have the opportunity to really spend quality time with my family.
  • I am now going to need to D and D (diet and detox)!
I am sure there are other summations in my head ... somewhere ... maybe they're swimming around in that last wine cooler I had! Whatever, it is time to hit the hay and get rested up for those three little words:



PS: For the record, Cadence who needs to be up by 7ish, is still mumbling in there ... HELP!

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