Friday, September 4, 2009

Her Choice!

Yesterday worked out to be a good day to celebrate our 2 year anniversary as a family. When we asked Cadence what she wanted for dinner, her quick response was 'pasta' so it was off to ESM!

These are shots of Cadence apparently posing:

And here is one of many photo attempts at her cute hairclip where I was literally running around chasing after her:

Hah ... an unsuspecting opportunity!

After the physical exertion of getting her dressed, brushing her hair AND trying to take her picture, there was no energy left to capture a family shot! I couldn't even muster up the energy to carry the camera with me ... Surely I'm pathetic!
We did have a nice dinner together, with a couple of minor mishaps (spilled wine and milk for starters!), but we ended with quite a smile. When the 'server' came to ask Cadence what kind of ice-cream she wanted she replied, "I'd like one of those desserts in the menu please!" so daddy gladly shelled out the extra .99c to make his girl happy! She sure is becoming a little lady!

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