Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Words and Why, WHY, WHY???

"Well, actually..."
is one of Cadence's most recent favourite phrases to use ... along with hand gestures for extra emphasis. I could listen to her for hours! (Actually, I have been listening to her go on in her bed for the last 52 minutes ... and counting!). My personal favourite recently though has been,
"That's so cool!".
She really has become a total little person ... with a BIG personality I might add!

Cadence continues to question EVERYTHING! Tonight for example, while reading the bedtime book she asked a 'why' question for EACH and EVERY page:
"Why does the deer sleep on the ground?"
"Why do the birds sleep in nests?"
"Why is the mouse in a treee?"
I'm guessing there were about 12 pages. I'm still trying to determine whether she was actually curious in this case or simply trying to drag out book time ... I'm leaning toward the latter ...
she's crafty!!!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Why would she ask you WHY all the time.???? LOL..
Have a great week..

~K said...

I agree for leaning towards the latter... smart girl that Cadence.

AND I love the "well, actually..."
She makes me smile... always!