Friday, September 25, 2009

Daddy's Day from #@!!@&*

Okay, it was actually only 2 hours ... but oh what a long two hours!
'It' started out shortly after returning home from school. 'It' refers to the nasty meltdowns that seem to arise for absolutely no reason at all or for ANY reason at all, between 5 and 7 (or in yesterday's case FROM 5 to 7 ... at least!). Cadence first lost it when her granola bar broke ... twice (that's right 2 meltdowns!). Then she was 'upset' because daddy came home just as we were preparing to go outside ... the nerve! We tried to turn her around outside with 'activities' and then daddy suggested they go to 'Old McDonalds' for dinner. Her response, "I wanna go now!" We couldn't get into the car fast enough!!! But the real fun began after I was dropped off ... heh, heh!!! Sean and Cadence got their food and found a table. Daddy went to get the ketchup and by the time he returned Cadence was face down on the table asleep. He grabbed some bags to go, packed up the food and headed home. He chose to let her sleep for a mere ten minutes (just enough time to eat his dinner) and then woke her up. As you can imagine she wasn't too thrilled, but the burger and fries helped to distract .... until .... Winston got a hold of and ate her hamburger! It was back to McDs for daddy! Unfortunately upon their return the computers were down at the drive thru!!! Poor, poor daddy! By the time I got home she was settled and eating her dinner ... not quite 100% happily ... and soon it was off to bed!!!!
I was beginning to wonder if cutting out the nap was worth it. Thankfully today she was her usual happy self ... I guess there will just be days like that ... right?
Happy photos coming tomorrow ....

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Anonymous said...

Why are you taking away her naps........oh man enjoy nap time as long as you can! Kiddos need lots of sleep and it is a long day without a quiet hour.