Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Final 'Summer' Photos

Okay ... they are only PA (Professional Activity) days, so really summer isn't completely over until after this weekend! In any event, I am up at the crack of dawn ... yuk ... so I have a few minutes! By the way, fully expect postings here to become VERY light once I'm back to work (Sorry Baba!). I will do my best, but I've committed to expending some time on myself this fall and let's face it ... no one can do it all!

Over the past week we had a little visitor ... a playmate of sorts for Winston. At walk time, Cadence chose to 'lead' Lucky ... she did a great job!:

With fall weather like temperatures this weekend, it was time to make a fall meal ... roast beef and all the trimmings. Part of the underwritten marriage agreement was that I'd make a roast every weekend ... HAH!!!! We're trying to eat some of our own 'special' family meals in the dining room ...

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