Monday, September 7, 2009

There is Even a Low Battery Visual

These are the only photos I have to show for Sunday's visit with the T family AND they were taken prior to our guests arrival so ... no photos of them! We did have a lovely afternoon and we thank B and H for sharing the game, "What time is it Mr. Shark?" with Cadence. We have been playing that game non-stop while in the pool ever since (okay ... it's only been one day!) Gotta admit, it's kinda fun! And thank you for the chocolate fishies ... yum! Not only did the kids and adults get in on the pool action ... Winston 'enjoyed' a wee swim too ... not by choice I'm afraid. Poor little guy ... now those are some photos I wish I had!

And today while the battery was charging I missed out on several opportunities for pics of Cadence with her cousins ... who she called on the phone to invite over ... such a big girl!
To think ... if only I'd paid attention to the battery power visual on the screen ... sheesh ... they make it so easy!

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