Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of 'School'

This was 'technically' Cadence's first day of preschool daycare. Although we had to wake her up by 7:20 the rest of the morning went fairly smooth.

Hamming it up before departure:

Our emission-free mode of transportation:

Ready and willing:

Relaxing and decompressing after a long hard day:

Cadence did really well today (or so they report), but she was completely exhausted! It took all of our energy after school to keep her from falling asleep. Bedtime tonight was a dream ... down and out in less than 5! Gotta love that!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Happy 1st day of School..
Love the photos..
have a great week..

~K said...

AHHHHHHH... I'm SO SORRY Deb. I am a horrible commenter lately. but, YES... you are one of the only that continues to write and I do enjoy every moment of every Cadence.

I hope you have a good beginning of the school year. Cadence too!

From what i've read it looks like you had an awesome summer, despite the crap bag weather we all had. Glad you made every bit of it FUN!

So... thanks for keeping up with the posts, and I promise to comment again more often. Your always in my thoughts.. and in my reader!