Sunday, September 13, 2009

'School', Gymnastics, Fishing and OSD

Cadence had a great first week at school! Her 'teachers' report that she is right into the routines, has made friends easily, has great language skills and has quickly adjusted! It has been a treat to be able to give her a little peck through the fence when I'm doing yard duty or to have my lunch bag hand delivered. I think Cadence is understanding her boundaries in terms of access to mommy. This will become more important as she gets older and becomes a full fledged student. She sure is tired when she gets home! This has been very helpful in getting our bedtime routine down ... she's going to sleep with very little effort ... it's keeping her up between 4-7 that is tough! I'm sure as she adjusts to her schedule things will settle.

On Saturday Cadence started up gymnastics again. This time around she is the 'senior' kid in the class. She was VERY impressive ... followed all routines and instructions and did NOT want ANY help from me at all! The head coach of the facility who runs this tot class said she is ready for the independent class. Of course, she wouldn't bump her up ... there are RULES and they have to be THREE! Bottom line, I will be sitting in the mezzanine come January! Next week we are trying an independent dance class (AND breaking the rules to boot!). More on that later ...
We also went to a friend's pool party ... the preparations were a little tense. Everything I tried to do just wasn't going right. Was it any wonder that when we arrived and Cadence had to go pee that I discovered I forgot to put underwear on her?!

I have come to the conclusion that I suffer a mental health issue: OSD (Obsessive Shopping Disorder). Truly, I cannot go into a mall, store, etc. without making a purchase. The fact that clothing is now available at our local grocery store has jacked up our grocery bill. I need to stop, but I just can't help myself! I keep buying cute little 'articles' for Cadence every week, despite the fact that I am getting ready to pack up the summer stuff and have found SEVERAL items with tags still on them ... HELP!!!

Case in point ... went to CT to pick up a couple of necessary items ... ended up with a bunch of 50% off pool stuff that we probably didn't need (hey, I put the inflatable pool slide back!). I just can't pass up a deal!

Here are Cadence and her dad enjoying a fishing trip:

Trying out the new water wings ... the ones that fit:

Making a fall fashion statement in her Emus:

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